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Settlement of Estates

Work With A Professional

My experience has resulted in trusted advisor status to numerous attorneys, accountants, trustees, executors/administrators of personal estates, and state and federal tax authorities. 

Phone:  304.549.2874


Valuation Expertise

Appraisal: a professionally developed, reasoned conclusion of value. 

Our appraisals are prepared with impartiality and objectivity.

We provide over twenty years of appraisal and consulting experience:

Residential Contents

                                             Antiques      Sterling Silver     Rare Books

                                             Furniture        Oriental Rugs        Porcelain

                  Firearms        Tools and Outdoor Equipment    General Household Items

                                               Automobiles      Boats      Motorcycles

Commercial & Industrial Property Assets

                                  Office Equipment      Computers      General Inventory

                            Office Furniture          Electronics      Retail-Clothing, Acessories      

                                       Service Industry Equipment    Automotive Fleets


Elements of a typical appraisal engagement:

  1. On-site inspection of specified items including inventorydescription and photographs.
  2. Research, analysis and valuation conducted from a variety of resources.
  3. Report writing and documentation.  Each item (or group of items) will have a description, condition, digital photograph and value. Appraisals are compliant with the report writing standards of the International Society of Appraiser and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
  4. Delivery of the appraisal is prompt and confidential.