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 Lisa Lynn


A death in the family is a difficult time and, unfortunately, distribution of estate assets is often the source of hard feelings among heirs. Peace of mind is crucial, yet at times difficult to attain.

An appraisal may or may not be necessary; however, professional assistance could avert much of the discord when distributing assets and memorabilia.

A professional can help with inevitable questions such as: "Should this item be saved, donated, or sold?"  "If sold, by which means:  private sale, estate sale or relocated for private auction?"

 Appraising Personal Property 



  Certified Appraisal Guild of America

 New England Appraisers Association

Co-Founder, former, Charleston Antiques Academy

B.S. Mechanical Engineering



Among Areas Supported

Estate Appraisals

Select Estate Sales

Antiques - Fine Art - Firearms - Sterling Silver

Insurance: Replacement Cost Analysis: Up-to-date appraisal of household contents.



        Our appraisals adhere to the guidelines of the

         Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice 











Personal Property Appraisals

                                                                Areas Supported

Insure Home Contents

Estate Distribution                                                 

Gift Taxes: Within IRS Regulations

Disaster Loss: Damage Assessments

Dissolution of Marriage:  Division of Property

Charitable Contributions


Prenuptial Agreements



Appraisal of contents: Business and Home

Cataloging of collections with detailed descriptions and photographic documentation.

A detailed appraisal of home and office contents is crucial for replacement value insurance reimbursement. Be prepared with an appraisal in your safe-deposit box. Have your assets evaluated before the need arises.

Contact Information

A nationally certified personal property appraiser, Lisa Lynn is based in

Charleston, West Virginia 


With twenty-five years of experience, our appraisals are accepted by Courts of Law, Insurance Companies, Banks and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


Phone:  304.549.2874        E-mail: